Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is a test.....This is only a test.....

So, I'm having a kind of out of sorts evening because my son decided to take a nap at 7pm. I ended up making and having dinner by myself with my daughter eyeing me all the while I was eating. I know what she was thinking......."Uh, He-llooooo, where's mine Mom?" So, what do I do? I decide to check her diaper and discover that it's of the number 2 variety, I go and change her and then put her in the bath. All well and good right? WRONG! I forgot to feed my baby! Wow, what a great mom I am! So, instead of taking her out of the bath and feeding her like any normal person would, why not just incorporate the two? Yes, that's right, she ate oatmeal cereal in the bathtub naked! And, so because she spit most of it out, she got one of those special oatmeal baths. Oatmeal's good for the skin, right? (And, I forgot to tell you in the middle of all this my son wakes up and decides he wants to watch the new Thomas the train DVD he got at the library before he fell asleep. The boy hasn't eaten for at least 8 hours and what does he want? Thomas the train. Crazy...)

Anyway, getting to the title of this blog, aren't there just some days when you feel like you're being tested? I'm not sure if it's God having a sense of humor or what. But, like I said, I'm having a weird out of sorts evening and I get this call from my husband. He had just spoken to the Southwest Airlines Manager here in Midland and she tells him that they are going to be hiring. And, at least two off the street. Now, that may not seem like anything really, but for an ex-airline employee like me, that's big doings. Midland is a very high seniority city and most people that get hired on here have been somewhere in the Southwest system and have been trying to get to Midland. So for someone like me whose toyed with the idea of going back to work for an airline after the kids get in school (Man, I miss those flight benefits), my ears really perked up. I mean here is an opportunity for me to get in with Southwest right here in Midland without having to do my time in some far off distant city. Thus here is my dilemma.....I want to be a stay-at-home mom. I think it's truly important and part of God's plan for our family. On the other hand, opportunities like this don't really come along very often, if ever. Of course, the first thing that pops into my head is how would we be able to juggle it? (child care, my schedule, Sterling's Schedule, etc.) instead of what really should have which was "What does God want for my life?" Instead of me trying to figure things out I forgot to consult with the one that truly should make the decisions in my life. It's truly that case of "I know what's best for me" and "man, wouldn't it be nice to talk to some grown up people most of the day rather than be spit up on and calm a temper tantrum?" Uggh, I HATE tests!

I guess I better start doing some hard-core praying!

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Eryn Kesler said...

You are up late! I love the mom confessions...Oatmeal baths are great for the skin! :)

Wow...southwest, huh? Take your time to think that one through, and definitely PRAY. It would be awesome to have some beni's but so good to be home with babies. Wish I knew the answer for ya! I do know the One who has the answers and I'll talk to Him about it too..(meaning, I'll pray!) Love you! Eryn