Monday, September 20, 2010

My Sweet Kate

My sweet kids say some of the greatest things and sometimes I forget to write them down. Usually I rely on my mom to write them down for me (I call her and tell her about something the kids did and then she'll write it down in her journal--hence why I've asked her to will me her journals); I have not been the best at putting pen to paper when it comes to special things with the kids. So I don't forget this time, I wanted to be sure to write it somewhere and where better than my blog! :)
So Kate and I were in the kitchen this evening making dinner--homemade pizza--her favorite. (okay, any pizza is her favorite really....) So, she says to me, "Are we cookers (chefs), mommy?", Yes, baby. "When I grow up you know when I'm 5, I'll be Chef Antonia." (We've been listening to this book on tape called 'The best chef in 2nd grade" and Chef Antonia is the famous chef that comes to visit the 2nd grade classroom.) I say, you mean Chef Kate. And, she says, "Yes, I'll be Chef Kate-tonia!" All I can do is smile at that sweet girl!
Then after a little while, she says to me: "Mommy, all I want to do is stay home with you and daddy and my brother, Sterling. ....because I love you all so much. I love you and daddy and Sterling. I love my family." And, I stop what I'm doing because Kate has never said anything like that before to me just out of the blue. And, I tell her, "we love you so much too Kate!" But, it's like it's almost not really enough to just tell her we love her because it's really SO much more than that. She is such an amazing little girl. And, I have tears streaming down my face right now because I know just how incredibly blessed she has made my life and it just blows me away.
Thank you God for sending me this most precious little girl to be MY little girl. And, thank you Kate for being exactly who you are.

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Eryn said...

Oh. Sweet sweet Katie!! Glad you wrote that one down...precious!!